Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vintage Paper Ornaments

Just because your vintage object didn't start off as an ornament, doesn't mean that it isn't perfect for the tree!

When my husband was on a business trip to Savannah, he went to my favorite store, @ Home, to scout things out for me.  He called from the store and it was so cute listening to him trying to describe notions, ribbons and cupcake papers over the phone. 

He did a great job, though, and when he said there was a stack of never-used vintage paper ice cream lids that he thought I would like, I said, "Ohhh...I need one!"

It is 6 inches across and looks gorgeous now that I have glittered the most important words: ice cream!

I attached a thick deep red cord to the back and hung it, as is, on the tree.  It looks so pretty and is exactly the kind of thing I like.  Something that is beautiful and interesting.

Try to find an old photo (craft with a photocopy of it) or postcard (something paper), glitter it a bit and make your own Vintage Paper Ornament.  Then send me a picture!


Susan said...

Great idea! I love glitter! I'll have to give that idea some thought!

Elaine said...

How cute - my husband does the same thing. :) Love this ornament.