Friday, June 24, 2011

City Series: Atlanta, Swan Coach House

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, repetition is too!  A trip to Atlanta just would not be complete without a visit to my all-time favorite "girl's lunch" place - The Swan Coach House

I like to stay as long as possible, this is not an experience to rush.  The first thing I do is wander through the art gallery.  It has blown glass, pottery, paintings and sketches to help open your mind - I always feel inspired after a peek in there.

After that, I sit down for a leisurely lunch (see above!) surrounded by mothers, daughters and granddaughters in a pink, peach and white room that feels a bit like being part of a grand needlepoint scene. 

Now have you ever seen a prettier lunch?  The highlight this year was a chance to try their famous Strawberry Soup. I was in girl heaven. I am working on my own version of their frozen fruit salad (above left) and I will post the recipe soon. I am convinced that 0% fat Greek Yogurt will make a creamy, but far healthier frozen salad and I can't wait to share - stay tuned! 

I finish my visit by shopping in the Swan Coach House Gift Shop.   The multi-room store (it is set in a house, after all) has monogrammed cutting boards, silver cake servers, candles, bookmarks, cookbooks and serving pieces all there to inspire your next party.

If you are in Atlanta, you must indulge your inner girl and spend a few hours at The Swan Coach House.  It is an experience I know you will want to repeat.

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