Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City Series: Atlanta, Nicholas Kniel Ribbon

To say I was overwhelmed, would be an understatement.  When I finally found the Nicholas Kniel ribbon shop in Atlanta (a small shop tucked on the upper floor of an unremarkable shopping center), all I could think was "hidden gem!"

Twice, I had torn out a magazine article about Nicholas and his fine European ribbon collection (most recently here in Victoria magazine) and I knew that someday I would visit his shop in Atlanta, Georgia.

But nothing prepared me for the selection.  Nothing.  It is the finest collection of ribbons I have seen anywhere on the planet.  And you know how many ribbon resources I have seen in my day.  I actually asked the saleswomen if they provided oxygen for customers who felt woozy (she didn't get my humor), the collection was that gorgeous.

In the end, I settled on just a few yards to play with.  The pale coral print will become a watchband, to match a Summer sweater I love.  The narrow taupe and pink stripe is to make a ribbon-wrapped bouquet of pale pink roses and the mulberry plaid will become a ribbon-band bracelet with a crystal buckle cuff for the holidays.  After deciding all that, my mind exploded and I had to leave. 

To my great relief (and discovered just today), Nicholas Kniel offers most of his collection (by-the-yard!) online here, so I do not have to have any regret about "the one that got away."  Do you love ribbon too?


LillyB said...

Its time like this that the internet impresses me. You can still order what you need :)
I love ribbon too!

Anne Reeves said...

Yes, LillyB, I was so relieved! You should glance over his site - the selection is outstanding!