Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vase Crazy: When A Souvenir of Jam Become the Perfect Vessel for Flowers

You know by now that I am "vase crazy."  Anything that holds water is fair game for flowers - and why not?  A flower arrangement can spark a conversation as well as anything, and I think the ability to take the moment beyond reciting the flower variety is gold.

(But for the record:  David Austin English Rose "Abraham Darby"; Trailing Verbena "Lanai Peach", Stock "Vintage Mix")

Sometimes the "story" of your unusual vase can be particularly compelling.  This treasure was originally a jar of raspberry jam from one of my favorite places in Paris, the restaurant and patisserie Laduree

When the last sticky drop of jam was consumed, I washed out the jar and covered the outside with contact paper to protect the label.  It has been two years now and the vase looks as good as the day I covered it.  So the message of this post is two-fold. 

1) Use unusual containers to enhance a simple bouquet. 
2) Buy jars of honey or jam on vacation and let the memory of your trip live on.

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