Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teacup Bouquet

There is something so very charming about a teacup bouquet.  A sweet display of color on an end table or nightstand.  Gardeners know that sometimes a teacup bouquet simply means that there aren't enough flowers blooming for a whole bouquet!  But that's okay, cute comes in small packages.

The secret to stable arrangement is using a floral foam called Oasis.  You use a knife to cut a block to fit your teacup, press it into the cup (you'll be surprised how it forms to the shape when you press a bit) and then soak it with water.  The foam will hold the water and weight down the cup.  Now you can gently press the stems of your flowers into the wet foam.  The flowers will stay just where you place them - I just love that!  Every few days, pour more water into the cup to keep everything hydrated.     

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