Monday, June 20, 2011

City Series: Atlanta, Flip Burger Boutique

I flipped when I realized that I was finally going to be able to eat at one of Richard Blais' (winner of Bravo TV's 2010 Top Chef All Stars) restaurants in Atlanta!

Known for his adventurous cooking style (and love of liquid nitrogen), the dishes he prepared on the show were always the ones I wanted to try.  And now I have!  I went to the Flip Burger Boutique and devoured a blackened shrimp burger with a fried lemon slice on top - yum!  I'd order again in a second.

And I couldn't leave without having a "Turtle" milkshake (with caramel ice cream) made when the waitress pours liquid nitrogen into the glass full of ice cream base.  It was delicious, of course, but the "dry ice" fog and the frosted nuts was what really made it.  Next time, I'll go for a complete sugar buzz and order one called "Captain Crunch."

If you get a chance to visit Atlanta (or Birmingham, AL) I highly recommend a visit to Flip.