Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Party on the Patio

This is the season for parties on the patio.  Some are picnic-casual, while others make you say "Ooohhhh." 

A few years ago, I helped to plan a "get to know us" recruitment night for the Junior League of Birmingham and my committee and I thought that the patio of Meadow Brook Hall, a historic building in the suburbs of Detroit (built by Matilda Dodge Wilson, widow of automotive pioneer John Dodge) would be the perfect spot. 

At the time, our league didn't own a building, so all of our events had to be held at different locations.  To my knowledge, we had never held an event at Meadow Brook Hall.  The grounds and gardens alone are worth a drive out there.  When you get inside and see the art and antiques, you'll swoon. 

We decided that it was important for the event to have a woman's touch.  There are so many networking events out there - this was a membership event and we wanted it to feel different.  The patio looks out onto a golf course and if you follow a path to the left, you can wander around in the rose garden.  What could be better?  And when I stepped on the patio the night of the event and saw this fruit and cheese display, I knew we had chosen the right place.I mention all of this because you might not have considered an historic home/small museum in your area as a possibility for hosting an event.  The small staff was thrilled to partner with us, the food was perfect (Who doesn't love a melon swan?) and the setting felt very special.  When it comes to a party on the patio, try to make history.

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