Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Page Wreath

When I feel like I need a little drama in my life, I make something like this!  From the street, my book page wreath practically jumps off the front door. 

I was inspired to make a book page wreath when I saw this collection of them in a shop window at BEE in Atlanta.  It is such a cute store - full of gorgeous decorative elements and beautiful gifts in a natural color palatte.  I saw a lot of woven textures, soft linen and white on white.  Such a pretty shop!
The wreaths have been on my mind ever since and I finally "made it happen" this weekend and I love the result!

The project is easy, but time consuming.  I started with a wooden wreath frame (you can use any frame that will accept hot glue), a college text book, a glue gun (keep ice water on hand in case you touch the hot glue - ouch!) and some Zots adhesive dots

  • Tear the page from the book
  • Roll the page, top to bottom - I used a small piece of tape to keep it rolled
  • The "torn" end of the roll will be the decorative outside, the other end should be flattened and glued to the wreath form.  This makes the outside row.
  • Add more pages and overlap pages as necessary to fill in holes.
  • Then start the interior row.  You'll notice that to make the next row shorter and build the staggered length effect, your roll is about 2 inches too long.
  • Place it where you want it.  Let the excess flap into the center, wrap it neatly through the hole and use an adhesive dot to hold it down on the back.  Then come back to the front and use the glue gun to glue the roll in place.  Repeat for this row.
  • Start another, shorter interior row and do it exactly the same way.  Continue folding the extra flap through the center of the wreath and use a glue dot it to keep it attached to the back.
  • The last interior row is actually made up of rolled pages folded in half.  Glue one side to the wreath and make the roll stay folded with an adhesive dot.
  • I fashion a "hanger" out of a length of duct tape folded in half (for strength) to make a "U" loop and then stapled it to the back.  Voila!
I hope you like it and in turn, feel inspired!


Elaine said...

Beautiful, Anne! I have also seen this done with sheet music that is quite lovely as well.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! Ooooh I like the sheet music idea. I have a friend who has promised me a stack of old sheet music...

Linda said...

I like this a lot. Beautiful, original, and makes a big impact. Love it. Take care. Linda