Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Drum Talk

Just before classes started on campus, I visited my alma mater, Michigan State University to have a reunion dinner with 3 English-major buddies.  While we drove campus after dinner, I was able to sneak a peek into Demonstration Hall and the marching band's closet. 

Students were moving in and out of here like ants...checking their uniforms and replacing their instruments.  I managed to get a picture and I like to think of it as "anticipation" - all of those uniforms and instruments just waiting to rile up the crowd.

It was a beautiful night and as we walked from this building, we were lured by the drum beat of the MSU drum line practicing!  What fun to hear them playing live.  I don't know what it is about drums, but I get swept away by the speed and precision.  When they finished, I let out a big "Whoop!" in appreciation and heard silence.  Apparently it is not proper protocol to cheer during a practice, but it was magnificent and I couldn't help myself.  I hope that the students secretly appreciated it. 

I've included a 2 minute video link (below) of the drum line as it appears for the public on the MSU website.  Do drums make you crazy too?

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