Saturday, September 24, 2011

Football Tailgate

Everything tastes better outside!  This Saturday is dedicated to Spartan football and a two-meal tailgate outdoors on Munn Field.

My niece (20) and nephew (18) go to my alma mater, Michigan State University, and our tradition is to meet them on campus for a family tailgate with my Dad, husband and my brother's family, when possible.

The moon and stars aligned and the day was perfect!  We arrived at 9AM and got a great spot near the stadium to set up our tailgate.  By 9:30, French Toast and breakfast sausages were hot off the grill.  You can get my recipe for Outdoor French Toast here.

It was a bit cold and damp when we arrived and I was thankful for the "instant" MSU fleece scarves that I had made.  I bought a yard and a quarter of fleece (similar to this pattern) and cut it into 3 long strips to make instant scarves.  They looked great and added a necessary touch of green to our warm jackets.  Later when the sun came out (no rain!), I was warm enough to show my spirit in a vintage Spartan sweatshirt and green beaded necklace.

It was a perfect day - full of football, family and french toast.  Do you tailgate?

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