Friday, September 30, 2011

Liquid Nitrogen Milkshake at Flip

Did you know that there has been a surge in a food trend based on molecular gastronomy?

It plays with cooking techniques and pushes the envelope with presentation, food consistency (for example, a liquid sauce served as a solid, like tapioca beads) and the use of chemistry to alter foods safely and creatively.

When I was in Atlanta, I jumped at the chance to have a milkshake made with liquid nitrogen at Richard Blais' Flip Burger Boutique!

I ordered a "Turtle with Candied Pecans" milkshake and in addition to being icy cold, it was delicious!  The ice cream base and caramel swirl are poured into a thick glass.  Then the waitress pours liquid nitrogen into the mixture and it foams and freezes on contact.  So cool!  The whipped cream and frozen pecans add silky and crunchy elements to the dessert.  

Our waitress brought along an extra glass containing a bit of liquid nitrogen in it and we could see the clear contents bubbling and reacting.  She put a paper napkin, long spoon and straw into that glass and a smoky ice fog rose from the glass and was trapped in the folds of the paper napkin when I pulled it out.  It was interesting and beautiful.  And it felt like the whole process was sponsored by Houdini.

Would you ever try something frozen with liquid nitrogen?

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Elaine said...

Yes, I would! I have seen it demonstrated on some of the cooking shows with some of the trendier chefs and it looks so interesting.