Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni For Target

I got some!  You know that I am a collector at heart and I just could not pass up a chance to have a piece of the limited edition collection of Missoni for Target.

In a nutshell, Missoni is a family-owned Italian fashion house that is famous for its use of color and zig zag stripes in high end knitwear, such as sweaters and sweater dresses.

I had gone to a Target a few days before the launch to see if any of the locations were setting up and displaying items for sale early, as many did when the John Derian collection was released.  I got a few pieces that way and was hopeful.  No such luck.  I was told by a really sweet salesgirl that 8 o'clock on the 13th was when to come back.  I took her word for it and showed up at my local Target (rumored to be the highest volume Target in the state) at 7:45 AM.

Holy cow!  60 people were in line with me.  I had no idea that anyone would show up - I just thought it would be fun to see the display fully-stocked and as Missoni/Target intended it.  Well that didn't last long.  The clothing section was sold out at 8:08 AM - no joke.

Thankfully, the fever was for the clothing first (naturally, since that is the brand's genesis) so I was able to go to the housewares department and put the pieces that I wantd into my cart.  I love love love what I got, I mean, look how perfectly the sweater-style ceramic platter looks in my family room.  No decorating required!  I'll showcase other pieces this Fall as I use them around the house.

I do, however, feel disappointed that others didn't have the same chance to shop the collection.  I saw many women who were grabbing clothing indiscriminately to shove in their cart and sell on eBay later.  Despicable.

But I have hope.  I hope that Target will place a re-order for the collection and that stores will eventually get replenished (even if it takes months) so all shoppers at all times of the day can have a little piece of this cute and (historically popular!) collection.  And I also hope that Target will impose a 20-item limit at checkout for special collections.  I know that the heart of retail is sales, but I believe that the Target customer has to be given a fighting chance against the resale vultures.

I want everyone to have delight.


Barb Velasco said...

How sad that those people won't even enjoy what they bought. Glad you found a slice of delight.

Barb Velasco said...
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Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Barb! Yes, I hope Target will "come through" and restock for everyone. xo

Elaine said...

I just don't get the whole Missoni fever at all. I was so surprised to hear how many items were put on eBay for sale the same time. Craziness! I'm glad that you were able to get some items that you love, Anne.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Elaine. I wanted "a piece" of it, as I have collected items from other designers. It was lucky that I got myself "up and out" that morning!