Saturday, September 17, 2011

Creative Flower Arranging

Did you gasp too?  One good thing about Fall is the change in the quality of light.  This arrangement fairly glowed on my kitchen sink.

What I wanted you to see it that I have used the hydrangea blossom as a "frog."  Do you know about frogs?  A frog is an item made to steady blossoms.  They can be metal with spikes (to spear the stem onto) or an openwork cage that blossoms tuck into for support.  

By placing the hydrangea into the vase first and centering it on the jar, I can tuck roses through the structure of the hydrangea blossom and the roses stay in place.  I think it looks absolutely gorgeous, don't you?

Creative flower arranging doesn't have to be wacky colors, strange vases or playing with scale.  Creativity can simply mean doing something interesting.

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