Friday, September 23, 2011

Scarf Love

I am knitting again.  I usually take a long break over the Spring/Summer (it's too hot!) and then like clockwork, I fall for the rhythmic, relaxing pleasure of knitting once the nights start to get cooler.

My mom is having knee replacement surgery next week and I know that this scarf will help me to relax at the hospital.  Having a little something to keep my hands busy always helps.

I bought gorgeous hand-painted Alpaca yarn at my favorite knit shop, Wool & Honey, in northern Michigan.  It is delicate in both color and feel.  I wanted to let the color variation shine, so I have paired it with a solid stone-colored soft wool blend.  I just love how this scarf is turning out.  I am using a technique that my Mother-in-Law showed me when she taught me to knit.  You make a scarf using 2 different yarns and alternate using them, row by row.  It makes a subtle stripe with no skills required! 

Choose two different yarns (compatible in color and weight).  Start with one of the yarns and knit one row (as wide as you want the scarf) onto circular needles.  Then add the second yarn and knit the next row using just the second yarn.  Notice that now you have one yarn coming off of each side of the scarf.  Continue with the "knit" stitch, row after row, alternating yarns.  For me it was, alpaca, stone, alpaca, stone.

This creates a stripe effect - each row is a different yarn.  When you need to start with a yarn, but the tail is on the other end, simply slide the scarf to the opposing needle, and voila, the tail is there are ready to use.  Super simple!

Have you ever tried this technique? 


Elaine said...

I just bought some more yarn and am going to start knitting again as I also put it up during the spring/summer months. Your scarf is going to be lovely! I hope all went well with your mother's surgery.

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Elaine! I have finished the scarf (and we have had a surge of warm weather!) and the knitting really helped me to relax. My mom's surgery went well, and we thinks she will be coming home from the hospital this week. Thank you for your message - I told her "Elaine" hopes all is well :-)