Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Strategic Planning

A few friends and relatives have dropped over this week and this tabletop has sent them into a panic.  Some even questioned my sanity.  Everybody relax, I am not decorating for Christmas.  I am just doing some strategic planning.

I bought these cute wooden figures at our church rummage sale last Spring (for 75 cents!) and I am trying to figure out the best way to utilize them.  They came in 3 small ziploc bags and I finally had the chance this week to empty the bags and see what I have. 

I've imagined using them several different ways, and I think I have settled on making a "village" by gluing them (standing up and facing out) to a flat wooden wreath form.  Then I can put a large 3-wick candle in the middle of the village and it will make a really sweet centerpiece.

I like the idea of children walking around the table to see the different characters and how the "story" develops.  Wish me luck!  And yes, once it is finished, I will tuck it away until December.


Elaine said...

I was thinking a wreath would be good, but I like your idea of using a flat wreath form that you can easily sit on a table and few from all angles and let the figures tell a story.

Anne Reeves said...

If only I could find a flat wreath form! It shouldn't be this hard...the hunt continues. :)