Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chips and Ships

The Pilgrims liked cheese dip, right?  In our version of American history they did.  Every year at Thanksgiving, I can't resist making a "Mayflower" for the appetizer table to hold our chips.

I bought this boat basket by Longaberger back in 2002, and although it was expensive, I love it.  I use it in the Summer for parties at the cottage and every November it quickly converts to the great ship that carried the Pilgrims to our shores.  The link above is to an eBay page where I found this basket still for sale, if you are interested.

As for constructing the Mayflower, I place an apple in the boat (there is a plastic basket liner that keeps things clean) and spear it with a wooden skewer.  I cut 2 paper sails (one smaller than the other) and make a flag for the top.  I also make a small paper "Mayflower" banner that I tie with string across the back - so cute!

I think I saw the idea for making a Mayflower in a Martha Stewart issue of old, and I have been doing it ever since.  Just about any oblong shape tray or bowl could replicate a boat.  Come on, you know you want to. 

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Elaine said...

That is a very cute idea and what a great tradition.