Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beach Glass

My dear friend, Corinne, is loving her new life in Hawaii.  The "vacation" weather every day has spurred a new hobby for her.  A daily walk on the beach combing for beach glass.  Doesn't that sound wonderfully relaxing?

A package arrived in the mail the other day - a bubble wrapped bag of beach glass!  She knows that I am a crafter and has challenged me to "make something cute." 

Also tucked in the envelope was a delicate bracelet made of green Swarovski crystals surrounding a beautiful piece of green sea glass!  Now that she has a Dremel (drill attachment) that can drill a hole in glass, her foray into jewelry making has begun!  What a wonderful thing.    
I am going to visit her in Honolulu this Winter (yea!) and I can't wait to see what she creates between now and then.  Thank you, Corinne, for your beautiful gift from the sea and I'll see you soon!  

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