Friday, November 11, 2011

The Joy of Making: A Holiday Village Comes Together

I had the most wonderful time making this little village with my tween niece.  I picked her up after school, gave her a snack and offered her the option of "working on a project" with me since she didn't have much homework.

I had built two of the buildings that morning, so she could see where we were headed and as I started to fold and bend and glue the paper kit, she munched on her snack.  It wasn't long before she was completely entranced and ready to help me expand the town.  We cooed over the pastel barn; we congratulated ourselves when we figured out how to make the bell hang (from sewing thread) in the church bell tower.  It was so much fun. 

I would say our best moment was when, after fumbling with tree construction, we gave in and read the directions and realized that the tree branches were supposed to be held aloft and apart on cinnamon stick trunks.  Thank heaven I have a well-stocked pantry!  I pulled out a jar of cinnamon sticks and the trees went together quickly.  What I liked about this moment was that it showed her that whoever planned this darling paper village was creative and willing to do something ridiculous in the name of making it cute.  A cinnamon stick is the perfect trunk.  It looks like wood, is the right scale and it smells wonderful. 
I can imagine that the person who designed this village had to stand behind this idea in a corporate office somewhere.  "But cinnamon sticks aren't a household item," they would tell her.  "It's too much to ask of the crafter to buy additional items." etc.  But the designer persevered and they were right. 
If it's cute, it is always worth the effort.

Do you want to make a darling village like this?  It is a Swell Noel Village Kit that you can order online.  Make a little magic after school.


Elaine said...

So very cute! It looks like it is no longer available, but I am going to look for this for next year.

Anne Reeves said...

Elaine - I found another link where it is on clearance and replaced it on the blog - try again. A