Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pastries in Paris

I've written a gorgeous 120-page book on Paris with a photo and story on every page.  Because of my book, people always ask me: "What's your favorite thing about Paris?"  Since the list of what I love about Paris is long, I usually tell them favorites from a couple different categories: 
  • Favorite Pastry
  • Favorite Time of Day
  • Favorite Spot in a Museum
  • Favorite Garden
  • Favorite Gift to bring friends
This approach gives them something to think about, has them look at Paris in different way and often ends in a sale of my book because they realize that there is simply too much to remember - which is why I needed to put it all in a book in the first place! A very fun cycle, don't you think?

All of this has me thinking about Paris even more, so today I am spotlighting my favorite pastries in Paris - where and how to eat them.

  • Favorite Formal Pastry - the pink Ispahan (far left) at Laduree.  Dine indoors on a pale green paper-covered table on the Champs-Elysee.  The ispahan is pink, you get to eat a real rose petal, the meringue is crunchy sweet and the cream center and fresh raspberries are divine.

  •  Favorite Macaroon - a 6-piece assortment from Pierre Herme.  Eat them on a nearby bench at Place St Sulpice.

  • Favorite Millefeuille - at a table with friends at Angelina's on Rue de Rivoli

  • Favorite Treat to eat out of a bag while you walk: Financier from Laduree - a small rectangular or almond shaped (2 bite) cake that holds it's shape, as a resiliant sponge texture and a delicate almond flavor

  • Favorite Cookie: a box of Punitions from Poilane bakery is full of tiny fluted butter cookies that are perfect with tea in the courtyard of your hotel.

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