Saturday, November 5, 2011

Christmas Tree in Macy's Walnut Room

Christmas has come to Chicago!  I wish I could have been there to see the 104th tree lighting ceremony that kicks off the holiday season on State Street in Chicago.  I was there in 2007 (see above) when Martha Stewart flipped the switch on this magnificent tree.  It is a Christmas memory that I cherish.

Today, Bill and Giuliani Rancic and a child invited by the "Make A Wish" foundation lit the 45-foot tree in Macy's famous Walnut Room.  I wish that I could have been there.  A beautiful tree, some gingerbread cake and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. 

I will do my best to salute Thanksgiving and all the glorious food and family that goes along with it, but the lights and baubles of Christmas have certainly turned my head.

If you are in Chicago, try to visit Macy's on State Street - the decorations and window displays are worth the trip!  And if you can arrange to have a meal in The Walnut Room, you can dine next to the prettiest tree in town.

Want to see something fun?  I found this time-lapsed video (only 1 minute long) of this year's massive tree being constructed.  Love it!

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