Saturday, March 17, 2012

City Series: Las Vegas: Olives by Todd English

When I knew that I was heading to Las Vegas, Olives by Todd English was my first reservation.  I love his little place Figs in Palm Beach Gardens and it was just the kind of dinner I was looking for.  Warm, earthy flavors in a modern setting - I haven't been in the mood for formal dining in a while and Todd English's style was exactly what I was looking for in a night out.

I loved the two types of silky tapande that was offered to spread on their sweet olive-studded rolls.  The crunchy cheese-baked crackers were delicious and the fresh green salad with a honey mandarin viniagrette was so light and refreshing.
I enjoyed my grilled sirloin with ("buffalo mozzarella whipped potatoes, sautéed broccolini, roasted cipollinis, sweet & sour morel mushrooms") and the entire experience was lovely.  The perfect place to enjoy an fine meal and it is quiet enough to have a nice conversation.  Bravo, Todd, you've done it again.

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