Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Anne Reeves, Entrepreneur and Maker

When I was applying for the first-ever Country Living magazine "Pitch Your Product" event (which ultimately led to me being chosen and honored as one of their Women Entrepreneurs) I needed to submit a bio. Whenever I turned to the end of a particularly good magazine article, it always said something along the lines of: "So-and-so lives in Connecticut with her husband, 2 children and beloved Golden Retriever, Sam." Yawn.

I mean really, is that any way to summarize a person? And since I don't have any children or pets, my "standard" bio was non-existent. I countered with this ridiculous, clear and possibly obnoxious (?) bio in my application.
Who is Anne Held Reeves?

A hip craftster who repurposes vintage tablecloths into aprons?


A fern-loving antiques dealer that lives & breathes Limoge boxes?


A devoted scrap-booker that makes 3-D murals of Disney vacations?


A Perrier drinking, cookie cutter collecting, photograph taking,

hydrangea loving, candy eating entrepreneur?


I have an imaginary magazine that allows me to photograph & design magazine covers & then build them into modern day bags made entirely of plastic & tape. They are fresh, durable and push graphics into fashion.

I also own a design company, ANA, that specializes in one-of-kind

cigar box purses, tin wallets & ANA Delight Totes. 

I knit, sew, glue, tape, plant, bake, buy, try, think, feel, and live like
I am starring in my own movie.

That is how I described myself and my business (before I started writing).  I couldn't put artist, because that conjures up images of paint and galleries. I couldn't put professional girl because that makes me sound crazy. I wanted to describe myself as a maker - someone that succeeds in making things in many categories, but my mom vetoed that on the spot. I think she thought it sounded odd and old fashioned. 

When I tried to explain to her how "maker" made sense by enumerating all of the things that I did (knit, sew, glue, tape, plant, bake, buy, try), my mom said "Bingo! That - say that!"...and I did. 

Why am I telling you all about this now?  Because I was just reading Fast Company magazine and a business was described as having "a maker attitude." 

With the growth of Etsy (a website selling handmade and one-of-a-kind items) and Pinterest (an online inspiration board showcasing designs to buy, recipes to try and projects to make), the term "maker" has become part of the American lexicon.  Finally.

That being said, now that I can change my bio, I don't think I will.  I mean, being able to put that I "live like I'm starring in my own movie" is pretty accurate and very fun.  What do you think?

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