Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peter Anton, Box of Chocolates

How appropriate!  Here is a box of chocolates for you on Valentine's Day

An art gallery in Palm Beach is showcasing Peter Anton's oh-so-tempting artwork in their gallery this month.  Oversize but not overdone, these chocolates beg the question, "Which one would you choose?" 

I love that the artist left one paper cup empty, as if he couldn't resist eating one as he was preparing the sculpture for display.

You can read about Peter Anton (who has been called "Candy Warhol") in these online articles.  What a treat!

Happy Valentine's Day.  I hope you have been wearing red, eating chocolate and spreading the warmth and friendship of the 12 Days of Valentine's Day and that my posts from prior years (click "12 Days of Valentine's Day" in sidebar on top) have inspired you. 

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