Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tweeting from an IT Conference

I thought that this was an absolutely genius idea.  As attendees checked into the HR2013 conference in Las Vegas, they were offered the chance to pick up an "I Tweet" adhesive banner.  If they were active on Twitter, they could attach the banner to their name badge and let people know that they tweeted on topics related to the conference as well as Human Resource IT concepts.

By wearing this little prompt, attendees could more easily identify, meet and "follow" industry leaders.  I told my husband that I wish I could wear an "I Tweet" badge in my daily life.  So many people are just beginning to participate on Twitter, but they don't know who to follow, other than celebrities.

I tweet "of the moment" ideas and photos from my daily life that can bring delight.  New products that I think are noteworthy, images from art exhibitions, beautiful photos of food.  Often they are something with a time constraint - a sale on something that usually isn't on sale.  A limited edition product that is in stores now etc.  I don't tweet every day, but I do share things when I think that they are valuable and interesting.

This post is my sticky badge saying: I tweet!

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