Friday, February 22, 2013

Capture A Moment

I was in Paris with my parents in 2005 and I was determined to take photographs that would jog our memory in years to come.  Images that were atmospheric.  

I see this photo and "poof!" I am at a table at Chez Fernand with my dad on my left and my mom right across from me.  We found this little gem as we wandered the streets near our hotel (Hotel d'Aubusson) on the left bank.  It is a classic little bistro with excellent food, warm atmosphere and kind service.  We were able to get in without a reservation and I vividly remember my beef bourguignon, served in an individual copper pot.

While I was in the most photographed city in the world, I also wanted to take pictures that would show my cigar box purses out and about.  I wanted to show how beautiful my purses looked when they were "out to dinner." 

The design and colors of original cigar boxes often led people to believe they needed to match their outfits to the unusual shades.  I rarely wear mustard yellow, but I love to use this vibrant purse (Cuesta Rey, shown here) as a "pop of color" when I am wearing a more classic color palette.  I am packing for a trip to Las Vegas and I'm having fun choosing which cigar box purses to bring along.

I'm hoping to capture even more beautiful moments next week. 

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