Monday, February 25, 2013

Bellagio: Las Vegas

I am staying at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  My husband is attending a conference and I am here searching out things to bring you delight.

I have stayed in 3 Las Vegas properties in the last 5 years and the Bellagio is by far the best.  Look at our beautiful room on the 28th floor.  It has a 5 ft x 5 ft picture window with a view of the city and mountains.

(When writing about Las Vegas, I have to mention indoor air quality in the public areas of the hotels:
MGM Grand: The strong smoke and fake raspberry scent pumped in to mask it, is enough to keep you from spending too much time there.  In the same vein, I visited the Venetian Resort last night - on my way to Bouchon - and the fragrance/air freshener in the lobby almost had me running right back out the revolving door.  I pressed on and thankfully, the air freshener was not noticeable in the area in and around the restaurant, Bouchon.  The Bellagio is pleasant and as the day progresses, it's the smoke that will bother you, not the fragrance.  I award the "best air quality within a casino" status to Mandalay Bay.  Breathing felt clean and pleasant and I couldn't "taste" any perfume/air freshener.  Those sensitive to scent and smoke, beware in Las Vegas.) 

The water fountain show (on the half hour, daily, and every 15 minutes, starting at 8 o c'lock) is spectacular and in sync with classical music.  It is a lovely way to enjoy a few minutes outside on a crisp Las Vegas night. I took a video on my phone and I will try to attach it here when I get home.  The temperature was approx 39-45 degrees at night, so bring a jacket and pashmina for a February visit.

I am just getting settled and have started taking photographs to bring you the latest on Las Vegas. Stay tuned!

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