Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Las Vegas: Floral Clothing

Interesting, aren't they?  Now look closely and realize that the clothing worn by the Chinese children in the Bellagio's Chinese New Year display are made from FLOWERS!
Carnations and mums attached to wet floral foam "garments" (like Oasis) make costumes that are lush and vibrant.
The garden team were refreshing the display early one morning and I took a photo to show you the fantastic structure (made of wet floral foam and wire) that allows flowers to make their own floral print!
I asked a gardener about the designs and she said that they start off with a plan, but as they refresh it through the weeks, the design often changes based on the flowers and colors they have that day.  I love the fuchsia pants above, that look like they have a pleat of kiwi green.  Imagination at work.

At 2:15 am today (March 3, 2013) the crane rolled in and started removing the Chinese New Year decorations and preparing for the Spring display.  I saw this just in time!

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