Monday, February 4, 2013

Mad Magazine Movie

Did you or your kids love MAD magazine? Is it possible that it brought you delight?  I myself wasn't a reader, but I think this film project documenting the history and effect of Mad magazine is worth mentioning to you. 
My good friend Alan Bernstein is producing/directing a documentary film honoring MAD magazine. He has already filmed 20 interviews with the original writers/creators - the movie trailer is in the link below.
He has a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund his movie. People around the world can donate a little as $10 to help him reach his goal.  He has five days left in his Kickstarter campaign (he's already received $30,000 in pledges) and if he doesn't reach his goal of $50,000, none of the pledges will be collected. Consider sharing this information with those who loved MAD magazine too - maybe they want to be a part of getting this film produced. 
I am impressed when someone follows their dreams.  Alan's dream is to make a documentary honoring the artists and writers that brought him issue after issue of laughter and happiness.  Isn't that delight?
Good luck, Alan!

*2/9/13 Make that "Congratulations, Alan!" The project has been funded!

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