Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waiting for Eden: A Gardener Thinks of Spring

Did you know that you only need to tend one rose bush to be considered a rosarian?  Not that I would advocate stopping at just one.  The more the merrier in my garden.  And since roses require special care:

  • do not allow water to hit the leaves (as with a sprinkler system) - water from the ground with a soaker hose
  • plant roses with enough space to allow plenty of air circulation
  • be vigilant in removing yellow or dead leaves
  • spray with a recommended fungicide and treatment to prevent black spot/bugs
  • love them with all of your heart
I know that all that work seems like a pain in the neck, but I assure you that the bounty outweighs any burden.  I can cut a bouquet any time I want to and I love it.

This particular beauty is an Eden Climber.  A soft white climbing rose with a pink center that I know you will love.
Any day now, the garden catalogs will start arriving in the mail.  As you dream of this year's improvements (I personally want to add Bellflower, Zinnias and more Peonies to my garden) consider adding an Eden Climber.

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