Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marine Vinyl Clutch Inspired by Hermes Orange

To me, this orange clutch looks like a sleek summer accessory that Hermes would come up with - especially if I made the hand strap to look like a giant "H."  Look at this handsome Hermes bag that my bag would compliment nicely.

I continued my marine vinyl bender by sewing this simple, but sleek, orange iPad-friendly clutch.  I can't believe how sleek and expensive it looks - straight seams and minimal stitching is the key.  

Yesterday I showed you my fold-over clutch with contrasting top zipper (love them!) but do you remember the royal blue clutch that started it all last year?  I carry it all the time and it still looks as good as the day I made it.  Marine vinyl is a fabulous material to work with!

I had some orange material left over, so I made myself a little case that I can clip to my belt loop when I just want to run to the grocery store.  It holds my iPhone and a Renee's seed packet case that I use to hold my ID, Visa and $20.
I know, I say seed packet case as if that is a known commodity, right?  It is just a little something that makes sense to me.  Seed packets are beautiful, why wouldn't you upcycle them into something for your purse?  I cover them in plastic tape and then sew on vinyl flaps that I made and add a closure with adhesive velcro.  I used to see these in art shows and people loved them. Makes sense to me!  

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