Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Marine Vinyl Clutches

Marine vinyl, where have you been all my life?  I have been on an almost obsessive sewing binge, making myself accessories out of marine vinyl. This glorious, sturdy and wipe-off-able material is available in large rolls at JoAnn Fabrics.  I usually buy a yard (and use a coupon!) and then make accessories until I run out. (*Note: you can see some of my other creations on other days this month by looking at the blog side bar - click February.)

My favorite part about this project is that it is foolproof.  You will need a sewing machine, jeans needle (this type of needle is stronger and less likely to break under pressure), 2 pieces of marine vinyl (each 14 x 15 inches), a colorful zipper (14 or 16 inches) and coordinating thread. 

I don't really make step-by-step tutorials, but the instructions are fairly straight forward.  Read the instructions completely before beginning. 

The sewing is minimal and requires straight lines only.  The size of the clutch can be made larger or smaller based on your style preference.  I wanted these two bags to be able to fit my iPad and to have a fold-over flap.

  • Sew zipper onto the top of the vinyl panels (I chose a khaki zipper with large gold zipper teeth for my pink clutch. I love the modern-preppy mood it has.  I choose a lime green - fabric edge and teeth - zipper for my cobalt blue clutch.  It gives this "pop of color" accessory even more pizazz.) 
  • Open the zipper, place panels "right sides together" and use binder clips to keep the panels lined up evenly.
  • Sew around the perimeter of the bag (side - bottom - side), leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance.
  • Turn the clutch "right side out" and use your fingers to gently ease the corners into a point.  You are done! Enjoy!

*Advanced move - take a 5 inch piece of ribbon, fold it in half and place it on the side seam before you sew, a few inches below where the zipper pull rests when the bag is zipped shut. Hold the ribbon in place with a binder clip until you sew. Look at it - the ribbon should create a loop that should end up on the inside of the clutch, just below the zipper pull, once it is sewn. When you sew around the perimeter, this loop will be secured into the seam.  This will give you a loop to hang your purse from in the restroom.  You will unfold the bag, unzip the zipper about an inch and pull out the loop to use as a hanger.  This has helped me many times.