Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Inspired by the Sea

Ahhh...this is "Southern Living!"  I am lucky to have escaped the cold and I can concentrate on my photography and writing in this glorious place.  I bought a new camera last summer and I'm determined to become a Power User" - this is my first chance to try out some of the different settings and I love how this particular picture came out.  

I also bought a glass drill bit and before I flew down here, Dan and I drilled a whole bunch of sea glass (a combination of glass found on the beaches of Hawaii by my friend and a bunch found here in Florida by my dad - so neat!)

My grand plan is to make a collection of beach glass jewelry and offer a few special pieces in my Etsy store. (By the way, my Etsy store is in "vacation mode" (not available for shopping) until I  return from my trip and have a chance to upload my new designs.) Until then, I will design and create some signature pieces made up of sea glass and creativity. 

How can I not be inspired by a view like this?

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