Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seattle: HummingBird Juice Bar and Cafe in Ballard: Kale Nicoise

I don't seek out organic food or products, but when I find something I'm interested in and it's organic, it's a bonus.  I was exploring the shops on NW Market Street in Ballard when I came across the HummingBird Juice Joint, an organic juice bar and cafe (2242 NW Market Street, Ballard, WA).

I had already spotted Cupcake Royale bakery on the same side of the street, so I thought that starting my shopping trip with a virtuous lunch would be smart.  When I looked at the menu, I knew immediately what I was having. Kale Nicoise salad.

You can see the beautiful greens, nicoise olives, sunflower seeds, cold boiled potato slices, fresh tomato, capers, blanched green beans and a "beet-kissed hard boiled egg," all dressed in a light herb dressing.  It was delicious and I felt that in the days to come, my hair would be shiny, my eyes bright and my conversation sparkling. Surely this was the kind of food I was supposed to be consuming.

Then I went to the bakery... 


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
My name is Keely and I'm the owner of HummingBird. I just wanted to thank you for your lovely article. Opening a new place has led to much scrutiny and when someone like you highlights the beauty, it touches my heart and fills me with appreciation. We hope to see you again soon.

Anne Reeves said...

Hi Keely. You are welcome! I had a lovely lunch on a table outside and I wanted to share it with my readers. I live in Michigan, but will be back in Seattle in September! Hope to see you, Anne

Anne Reeves said...

My reflexes clicked "post" before I had the chance to say Congratulations on your restaurant. Being a small business owner is a very big deal! Good luck to you!