Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maison du Miel: I found this Beautiful Bee Soap at Honey Heaven

It's a bit mysterious and very French.  This is an elegant honey-scented bee-shaped soap that I have gifted to myself.  I bought several on my last trip to Paris at the wonderful Maison du Miel and brought them back as presents for a few lucky girls. I had saved one bee soap and decided this week that, at long last, it's time that he is appreciated.  I have hung my very fancy soap-on-a-rose in the shower at the cottage and I have enjoyed the beautiful honey-scented bubbles all week.  The bathroom has a bit of honey in the air for at least an hour afterwards;it's lovely. The experience is just what I thought it would be when I bought it and I am happy to enjoy it myself.

Sometimes we forget to enjoy the things we have.  We save the special paper napkins or we never light that beautiful candle.  Part of my objective in writing about moments of delight is to remind you that if you enjoy something, you should experience it.  

Spoiling a friend with a helium balloon or a cupcake is wonderful. At the same time, you have to let your friends spoil you, its only fair.  If reading a magazine is a great escape for you, do it.  Use the pretty soap.  Eat the jam you brought back from Williamsburg.  

Go on, you know you want to. 

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