Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Seattle: The Lavender Heart in Madison Valley

I chose this photo of lavender heart-shaped soaps to introduce my post on a delightful shop in the Madison Valley area of Seattle.  The Lavender Heart is a French-inspired gift shop featuring everything from French mustard and truffle salt to gorgeous coffee table cookbooks and lavender sachets.
I love this store and find the owner, Holly, so friendly and interesting that I always talk to her more than I focus on shopping! This last visit I was under strict "weight restrictions" for our luggage, so I soothed myself with a small purchase of LePaludier grey sea salt, for my salt collection.
Holly's shop has beautiful magazine-worthy displays and her inventory is unique and thoughtful. I have seen shop-after-shop in my travels, and the selection of French products and touches at The French Heart is unrivaled. Pick any item in the store and ask Holly about it - it's fun to hear the who/what/when/where and why of the product and why she chose it for the shop.  I plan to work my way around the store, buying some of the beautiful culinary choices that I have never seen before, like drinking balsamic.  I can't wait to try it.
The Lavender Heart also offers French antiques, beautiful cards, artwork and design touches to add interest to your home. I know you are going to love it here.  A shop full of delights on Madison Street.

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