Friday, July 25, 2014

An Evening on Lake Washington

I can't think of a gesture more kind than inviting someone from out of town, over for dinner.  You can find every type of restaurant under the sun in the Seattle area, but none can rival a casual dinner on someone's deck.  When the deck overlooks Lake Washington, even better.
Hotel living is fine in doses, but the square footage you have access to is "small x small."  Going to a home for dinner and moving in and out onto the deck felt wonderful. 

We could really breathe here.  Fresh air. No hurry. A delicious meal of grilled teriyaki beef, asparagus with lemon and a big bowl of fresh fruit. An Angel Food cake was the perfect ending to a very peaceful meal.
Bill Gates lives on Lake Washington, so I gave a little wave when this large boat when by, just in case. I owe a lot to Bill in terms of technology and I am interested and proud of the work he and Melinda are doing at The Gates Foundation
Look at the tip of Mount Rainier (above) glowing from the sun.  It turned colors as the sun set and we stayed until the last bit of light was gone. We are so thankful for the generous spirits in Seattle. I will always remember this lovely evening on Lake Washington.

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