Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Foxglove: When Gardeners Dream

Dream a little dream with me and look at this magnificent foxglove. If you'll allow me to guess, I think this is a "Sutton's Apricot" foxglove (http://www.michiganbulb.com/product/Suttons_Apricot_Foxglove)

I love photography because the pictures I take enhance my memory and help organize my wish list. I have come back to admire this photograph more times than I can count. When I was taking this picture at the garden center, I said that this particular foxglove looked like it was designed by Laura Ashley. Can you see what I mean? The print inside each blossom looks like its straight from the pages of her long lost bedding catalog. #iloveit

I will print this photo to display in my aqua and shell peach kitchen, but I will also return to this garden center next year to buy a foxglove. Hopefully they will have Sutton's Apricot, if not I'll choose another plant and then track down this variety elsewhere. I think it will make me happy for a long long time. 

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