Friday, August 8, 2014

Hydroponic Strawberries: Cedar Sol Hydro Farm Saves My Summer

We actually went to Cedar Sol Hydro Farm for their tacos. I know it sounds funny, but this thriving hydroponic business has also become famous for their homemade tacos and chips & guac.

My dad and I stopped for a quick lunch and were intrigued by their U-Pick Strawberries sign. The strawberry crop in northern Michigan felt late and small this year and consequently, we never made jam over the 4th of July.  

So here we were thinking, "Strawberries? Really? You have strawberries growing right now and all we have to do it is pick them?"  It was like someone saying they had a little snow in their backyard.  Now? Really?

We tromped down the track that led to the hydroponic garden and voila!
They have buckets and scissors available and we picked some beautiful fresh basically organic strawberries.  
We made a batch of strawberry jam this morning and I can't wait to eat an unreasonable about of toast and jam tomorrow morning! Thank you, Cedar Sol Hydro Farm for saving my summer!
P.S. They grow gorgeous lettuce too that they sell in bags at the taco stand.

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