Monday, August 11, 2014

Cigar Box Purses are Man Magnets

Tah-dah! I just finished a collection of beautiful one-of-a-kind cigar box purses. I have listed them in my Etsy store - most are $50-$65. Making them is a labor of love, but I couldn't resist converting some of these remarkable boxes into handsome accessories.  There has been a renewed interest in my cigar box purses and after making some sales in person, it feels good to replenish my store online.
They are a conversation piece like no other. I was talking with a customer and she was raving about how many people she met when she carried one of my ANA cigar box purses.  She said no man will walk up to her at a party and compliment her earrings, but they all want to know about her purse. I told her that I call cigar box purses a "man magnet" - she smiled and said, "Exactly."
If you would like to see them in my online store, click here. I can wrap and ship immediately.

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