Monday, November 10, 2014

Seattle: Dahlias in Volunteer Park

Next September, when your garden has faded and you can't believe summer is over, find yourself a dahlia garden and rejoice in the bounty of colorful blooms.
A friend told me that I had "visit Volunteer Park in September to see the dahlias" and I kept the reminder in my travel notes for months. Finally, on my third trip to Seattle, it was dahlia season.
The Puget Sound Dahlia Association maintains the large dahlia garden in Seattle's Volunteer Park. It is spectacular. The garden is very tidy and the large well-staked plants tower over the enthusiastic visitors to the park. Every person has a camera or phone in hand capturing the various colors, shapes and sizes. Once you give in and start taking pictures, it's hard to stop. Each one is prettier than the next. And when the sunlight hits them just so...
If you fall in love with a particular shape, order some for your garden! Read about my wonderful visit to The Dahlia Barn, an online source for dahlia tubers.
The joy of gardening is far from over this time of year. You just need to switch gears and invest in some delightful dahlias.

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