Saturday, August 18, 2007

Morning, Glory!

By now you know how I feel about flowers...right? Well, I am wondering about you. Have you ever grown Morning Glories

This variety is called "Heavenly Blue" and is, by far, my favorite. In the Spring you have to can start from seed and have teeny green sprouts winding their way up bamboo skewers in your kitchen or you can go find healthy established plants at the garden center and plant them outside right away.

I plant mine in a pot and string clear fishing line between the skewers and a row of clear push pins attached to the trim of the house. They quickly grow up the line and are a pretty way to add height & color to a patio area. 

My grandfather used to cover the sunny side of the house with chicken wire and plant morning glories all along the base. Weeks later he had a solid wall of green vines and triumphant blue flowers and my mom remembers the day that the newspaper came to photograph his grand display.  Now that is sharing delight!

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