Friday, August 22, 2008

Garden Walk 2008

When you are 11 years old and you are hosting your 4th Annual Garden Walk, you really feel like an expert. The garden looked great, the lemonade was cold, the sweets & treats were on platters and the programs had been printed. We were ready. I can only imagine my Garden Club girls (age 9,11,11) in college someday talking about all of this. We tasted raspberries from the bushes, touched the lavender and smelled our hands, nibbled on nasturtium blossoms and investigated which herbs smelled like York Peppermint Patties (Chocolate Mint) and which smelled like Christmas trees (Rosemary). They showed the other children and parents which roses they liked best and explained how, in the Spring, the ants eat the sticky off the peony buds. One girl pointed out the lone Forget-Me-Not blossom and another said that her favorite part of the Morning Glory is when it gets all "twisty." Mother Nature would be proud.

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