Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

Many times my Dad & I have had a friendly competition over growing morning glories from seed. 

We'd each start them indoors with little biodegradable pots and bamboo skewers (for support) and then transplant them outside in late May. 

The general buzz includes: when we started them, how they're doing and by showing "how high" they are inches. It is really fun. 

This year, however, I was at the garden store with my parents and I had to cave. I walked up to them with 2 Morning Glory seedlings and said "I'm out." Meaning that I had missed the window to start my seeds but I still had to have morning glories! My dad agreed.

I'm so glad I did! Look at this beauty called Heavenly Blue. Everyone needs a little glory in the morning.


cathy said...

Anne, I LOVE Morning glories. My ex used to call them weeds & pull them up but fortunately those "weeds" are pretty hardy. I still have them growing all around my ornamental ponds.
They also remind me of my grandparent's old Victorian house in WV. They had a cottage in the back that was covered with morning glories. It was so lovely!

Anne Reeves said...

Morning, Glory! Or should I say Cathy. :-) So nice to hear from you. It wouldn't be Summer without morning glories on the patio! Have a great day!