Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Acadia National Park

The day we designated for exploring Acadia National Park turned out to be damp, chilly and gray.

My "to go" cup of English Breakfast tea from the Bar Harbor Tea Company tasted particularly good that afternoon.  The shop is beautiful and I could have browsed all afternoon.  But it was our first Fall weather day, and we needed to get on with our drive through the park despite the damp weather.  When we pulled off the road to take photographs, we really felt a sense of calm.

A few days before this, we went inside the park to have dinner at the famous Jordan Pond House. Tea & popovers have been a tradition here since the late 1800's.

Angie knows how much I love popovers and insisted that our plans included dinner (and popovers) at this historic restaurant.

Yum! Before dinner, we walked out onto the lawn that stretches down to Jordan Pond and looked at the view. We could clearly see "The Bubbles" (hills) in the distance - I have never been anywhere so quiet.

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Marilyn Donnelly said...

When my late sister-in-law was in college, she spent a couple of summers waiting tables at Jordan Pond House. It was one of the places John wanted to share with me from his teenage years. I still haven't perfected popovers - I even gave the pans to my daughter a few years ago!