Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Study in Nasturtiums

My mom did the coolest thing this Summer. She decided to do her own "scientific research" and grow every variety of nasturtium (that she could find) from seed. She arranged 17 pots on the driveway - each one dedicated to a different color.
She actually took a Sharpie marker and wrote (on the rim of the pot) the name of the seeds planted within. Most of her seeds were from Renee's Garden and had names like "Whirly Bird" and "Cherries Jubilee."

She even made a chart to log which colors she liked, who bloomed first etc. She kept it on a legal pad and walked around the yard with it. Who would think that such a simple thing would take on a life of its own. Lots of people knew about her research and I often heard people ask her, "How are the nasturtiums?"

These beauties bloomed all Summer long and brought her a lot of happiness (and bouquets!). She made little arrangements for the house and often gave people San Pellegrino cans full of orange and yellow blooms. What a wonderful project for the Summer.

P.S. "Copper Sunset" bloomed first.


LillyB said...

What an amazing project for your mom to take on! The flowers are beautiful! It makes me smile just to see them!!

MmeBenaut said...

What a great idea - putting rambling nasturtiums into pots. They look beautiful. I'm very impressed by your mother's dedication to the task!