Friday, September 25, 2009

Bar Harbor, Maine

Last week, I had the most glorious time in Bar Harbor, Maine. My dear friend, Angie was going on a trip to "Where America's Day Begins" (as the furthest state East, that is the slogan on their driver's licenses) and she let me come along on her adventure!

Apart from a family trip when I was four-years-old, I had never been to Maine. However, my maternal great-grandparents were from Bethel, Maine and my paternal grandparents loved Bar Harbor so much that they often d-r-o-v-e there from Michigan for vacation.

So I knew, genetically speaking, that Maine would be my kind of place. It was wonderful to photograph (everything!) and imagine it through the eyes of my ancestors. I loved it all, really. Over the next few days, I will tell you some stories and show you what brought me delight.