Friday, March 20, 2015

Chelsea: My Darling Collection can finally fill the Plate Rack

My heart's delight - my vintage China collection of Chelsea (aka Grandmother's China) on my plate rack. I like to call my decorating style Swedish Beach house - seaside colors and Swedish touches like plate racks and oval back chairs. 

My mom and aunt love antiquing and have been adding to my collection for years. This pretty display has come together one piece at a time and that makes it precious to me. I just reached the point where I can make a full display in the family room.  

I add touches of lavender around the room to relate back to this display. The style of this china pattern reminds me of Laura Ashley in her hay day. Periwinkle marks that look like fleur de lis or small floral clusters are evenly spaced on pure white china.  A few special pieces are enhanced with lustre which adds a glint of copper.  

My mom, aunt and I are planning to have tea together from this set soon.  We laugh that dinner is out of the question - we can't find any dinner plates! But isn't that is the fun of collecting.  

It is a sentimental hunt for the final few pieces I need to makes things right. Wouldn't you agree?

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