Monday, March 23, 2015

High Heels and High Tea at the Townsend Hotel

This event had my name written all over it. I mean really, tea and a chance to see a lot of my old friends from my active days as a volunteer for the Junior League of Birmingham. I arrived early and I stayed late. That's how much I enjoyed the day.
The event was held at The Townsend Hotel and it was beautiful, right down to the fine china. This is what a proper event looks like: Cloth napkins, champagne punch (yes, why don't we have punch more often?), floral centerpieces and polite conversation.
More than 50 women enjoyed scones with clotted cream and lemon curd, beautiful tea sandwiches and a trio of sweets. I don't know how many cups of tea I drank, but I was wide awake all afternoon. I felt energized. I laughed, heard updates on children and careers and could finally check in with so many of the outstanding women that I have met over the years. Facebook keeps up connected, but to me, eye contact is everything. If you ever have the chance to join a Junior League in your area, I encourage you to check it out. Attend an open house. Meet some members. My time as an active member in the Junior League of Birmingham, Michigan were some of the best years of my life. I can't recommend it highly enough. It takes time and commitment, but the personal and professional benefits are priceless.

I was able to sit with some really great friends of mine at the tea. Women that I used to see almost weekly, but now we manage to cross paths only once a year. We have vowed to try and change that and are even working on a Facebook Group Page where we can coordinate outings, like carpooling to the the antique show in Saline, Michigan or the Ann Arbor Art Show in July. Events that are more fun with a pack of girls. I am sure that it will be beneficial.

Friendships need to be treasured. When like-minded women connect, it can be powerful. Over 11 years, we spent hours and hours working alongside one another, talking, strategizing and supporting each other in our mission to do meaningful volunteer work. Now that we are older and alumnae of the organization, we owe it to ourselves to protect the friendships we've made. All I need is a little organization and a few great events. Wish me luck.

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