Friday, March 18, 2016

Inspired by Royalty: Wood Beads and Faux Pearls are Glamorous

I am not a thin gold chain kind of girl. I like a statement necklace that turns a simple t-shirt into something worthy of an evening out.

My best friend is very supportive of my jewelry making binges, but she had to lay down the law last year. "No more wearing a new necklace, until you have 2 more of the same thing at home that you can sell!"

You see, she has been with me time and again when someone loves the necklace I'm wearing, but I have to disappoint them with, "Yes, I sell the jewelry I make online...just not this one." 

I get inspired, make a one-of-a-kind piece and then show it off with no inventory behind it. Great for my outfit, not great for business.

It happened again last month with this simple wood bead and faux pearl necklace. I wore it before I made more and had to tell people that it would be available on my Etsy site soon.

Problem solved. I have posted it online and I have 2 to sell. Are you interested?

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