Monday, March 28, 2016

SnoValley Art Gallery: Art + Friends

"I'll be there!" That was my response when my new friend, Patti Bondi invited me to an art gallery opening - one in which she was showing her work! I had admired Patti's fine paintings in her home and was excited that she would have an opportunity to showcase her work in a permanent space with other local artists. 

A group of 12 women from the Mount Si Artist Guild banded together to open their own art gallery in historic Snoqualmie, Washington. Isn't that wonderful? 

The Art Gallery of SnoValley is located at 8130 Railroad Avenue, just across from the Northwest Railroad Museum. I feel so very happy for these artists, because their gallery is exactly 3 minutes from Snoqualmie Falls, a famous destination that draws 1.5 million visitors a year. If those same visitors feel inclined to stretch their legs and explore Snoqualmie, the gallery will have a steady stream of customers.
The artists of the Art Gallery of the SnoValley at the grand opening (above).
From where I stood, this gallery opening was a big success. In spite of the rain, there were art lovers of all ages streaming in the door. This is a supportive climate, for sure and it seems to me that the artists and residents have a mutual admiration society going on. Snoqualmie is one lucky town.
In terms of the art itself, I think the gallery will thrive because of the wide variety of artistic styles represented (still life, abstract, landscape,animals,sculpture) - that kind of selection, coupled with local landscapes, will certainly add to the gallery's draw. It was exciting to see a red dot next to some of the artwork, indicating that the piece had been sold that night. 
I was also really happy to see that some of the artists offered small prints of their larger paintings, which allows even those with a limited pocketbook to participate in the world of art

As a collective, each member takes a shift in the gallery. When you stop in, be sure to meet the artist and ask about their work. My friend, Patti Bondi is shown below with her lovely painting of hydrangeas, "Moonlight Becomes You." 
My favorite painting of Patti's is called "Make Lemonade." It is a still life of fresh lemons near a blue and white porcelain box. Click the link in the sentence above to take a peek.

Thank you, Patti, for inviting me to celebrate your new venture. 
Art + Friends = A Bright and Colorful Future in Snoqualmie.

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